DAC 6 Directive and local implementation in European Union (EU)

DAC 6 is an EU Directive that introduces Mandatory Disclosure Obligations for a wide range of cross-border tax arrangements. EU Countries have aligned their national laws quite closely to the DAC6 Directive but some countries went beyond the content of such Directive adding extra requirements. Addressing these differences is the purpose of this COUNTRY PER COUNTRY review. Click here to read the full article : LN [...]

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Based on a new OECD standard, tax authorities will be better placed to monitor the activities of companies registered in tax havens and to access their key financial data. Although it remains to be seen how the Hungarian tax authority will use this information, several popular tax minimisation strategies may be affected. To read the full article, click here : NAV TO HAVE ACCESS TO DUBAI-BASED [...]

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Interview with Pál Jalsovszky from Jalsovszky Law Firm, Budapest (Hungary)

  Pál Jalsovszky Hungarian Member of the network Jalsovszky Law Firm Network coordinator : Hello Pál, You represent Hungary in our Law & Numbers network of tax lawyers. We would like to get to know you a little better. If you agree, we will ask you some questions. Network coordinator : What was your background that led you to the profession of tax lawyer? Pál Jalsovszky [...]

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Summary of invoicing rules in BEL / ESP / FR / HUN / IT / LUX / USA

Invoicing rules are an important issue for companies. Mistakes may incur a high tax risk, especially with regards to VAT. Our network's tax specialists have prepared a summary of the invoicing rules applicable in each of their respective countries. For EU countries, common rules have been established, to which each country may add its specificities. The EU countries presented in the summary are: Belgium, France, Hungary, [...]

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