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Paris Bar
13-15 rue de la Baume – 75008 Paris
Tél. :  01  44 78 89 99

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Areas of expertise

TGS France Avocats is a multidisciplinary law firm specialising in the main areas of business law.

1. Corporate taxation :

  • Defining and implementing global tax strategies
  • Handling complex tax inspections and litigation (examination of accounts, searches and seizures)
  • Establishing and developing activities in France (representative office, permanent establishment, branch)
  • Group restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, audits of acquisitions
  • Transfer pricing
  • VAT and customs
  • Local taxation
  • Tax credits (CIR – tax credits for research-based costs, CII – tax credits for innovation-based costs, CICE – tax credits to boost competition and employment)
  • Reporting obligations

2. Taxation of family assets :

  • Income tax and tax on real estate assets
  • Mobility and compensation packages
  • Deferred compensation (bonus shares, SOP, BSA, split payroll,
  • Determining and implementing the tax management of family asset transfers, taking international tax aspects into account
  • Advice on the fiscal monitoring of estates
  • Advising non-residents
  • Tax inspections
  • Reporting obligations

3. Taxation of not-profit organisations (NPOs – associations, foundations) :

  • Créating structures
  • Structuring profit-generating and non-profit-generating activities
  • Commercial taxes applicable to NPOs (corporate tax, VAT, tax credits)
  • Accompanying client on tax inspections and litigation


  • Advice
  • Litigation


  • French
  • English
  • German


  • Multinational companies
  • French and foreign companies i.e. SMEs, intermediate size companies, large industrial and service-based companies
  • Wealthy individuals to manage taxation of their assets taking both national and international tax aspects into account
  • Not-profit organisations (NPOs) i.e. associations, trusts, etc.


  • Providing clients with an independent law firm exclusively dedicated to taxation issues
  • Offering them a cross-sector approach covering all aspects of national and international taxation affecting their projects
  • Focusing on pragmatic solutions adapted to the needs of our clients
  • Offering services in French, English and German which allows us to offer individual support to our international clients